onsdag 16. september 2009

Dr. Musaazi:

In our search of projects we stumbled upon the work of dr. Moses Musaazi. He works at Makarere University in Kampala, and is doing great efforts for the poor peoples of Uganda. Our link was his work on the ISSB-building techniques (See link to the right). Initially we talked about using these blocks to start a small business in relation to our diploma, and using the blocks produced to build th structure we´ll design during our time here.

It became clear that dr. Musaazi is quite a hero. And he is one of those guys we want to meet and talk to in order to not loose all our faith in this country. He and his employees are constantly working against the current for the poor.

In addition to the ISSB, he has designed sanitary pads for girls that is affordable even for the poorest. Many young girls actually quit school when they reach puberty, because menstruation isn´t something they talk about publicly.

He is also involved in water treatment, solid-waste management and affordable low-energy LED-lighting.

We are inspired by this man and his initiatives, and feel motivated by his work!

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