søndag 13. september 2009

Sunday Tranquility and Family Party:

Kampala’s peace and normal state of mind is about to be restored and as the temperature of the city is going down, the diploma students' calm is fading. So while our friends the UEPs went sightseeing in town, we stayed home reading. Good times. To sit on a front porch of a hotel reading, sleeping, looking at the staff strolling past you – it’s not so bad actually. Almost halfway through Dambisa Moyo’s DEAD AID, there are many new thoughts running through my mind. “Why are we here?” was there already. Now this has been followed by the more interesting “Should we be here?” Reading is good. Moyo is a really smart lady. Go Moyo.

One of our local coordinators, Andrew (who has spent two years doing his master in planning in Trondheim), invited all of us to his birthday dinner at his sister’s house in a somewhat fancier part of Kampala. She’s actually the neighbour of Idi Amin’s son! But anyway, it was truly an evening to remember. There were his sisters, his mother, his aunt, his cousins, his nieces and nephews, his friends – and all of us. Old and young, white and black, from three different continents ate the most delicious home made food, drank, talked and danced African style.

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