mandag 14. september 2009

"Oh, It´s you Bishop":

After waiting and waiting for response from our contact person mr. David Carry (This makes sense to those of you who knows of our plans before departing to Uganda), we decided to finally take matters in our one hands, and try to find him our selves. So, knowing that the children village project was to be done in cooperation with the Church of Uganda, we went to their office asking for help. “Hello. We are looking for a man…”

After a bit of commotion, they told us to go see to a lady called Alison Barfoot who works in the archbishop’s place/house. And incredibly enough she not only knew about the project, but was the manager of it! And had never heard of neither us nor mr. Carry… But she was very nice and eager to have us as a part of the project, so we’re crossing fingers for her American efficiency being more productive than what we’ve seen of speedy operations in Uganda so far. She actually seemed like a really cool and intelligent lady we hope to be able to see more of.

This incident was a bit incredible in it self, but it actually got better. While we were sitting in this lady’s couch (disturbing her in cooking her lunch), it knocked on the door. She went out and we heard; “Oh, is it you, BISHOP!” So, all of a sudden we found our selves discussing Ugandan politics with one of the bishops from Church of Uganda!

We’re very curious and excited to see the continuation of this…

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