lørdag 26. september 2009

Here we are:

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We are currently living in Bugoye in Kasese District situated in a great valley called Mubuku Valley in the westernmost parts of Uganda.

Bugoye is a small rural village surrounded by many other small villages. People here life mostly of agriculture, growing beans, bananas, pineapple, coffee and tea.


The closest citylike structure is Kasese, where we are living at the moment. This is a small cluster of stores and houses which resembles the cities from old Western-movies. Fronts are nicely painted and the back is horribly cluttered and poorly maintained. It seems as the mobile operators are taking over the world, as whole houses are painted in brand colours, logos and slogans all over town.

The area is famous for the beautiful nature and wildlife in Queen Elisabeth and Rwenzori National Park. On the way here we saw black zebras from the bus. We didn´t actually get a really clear picture, but one can distinguish something that looks like stripes on the hindlegs of the blobs.

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