tirsdag 6. oktober 2009

Another run

Tired of slow moving Africans, I decided to explore the surroundings of Kasese in the light of the morning sun. And what a difference from Kampala! After 2 minutes I was out of town passing two-story villas with nice gardens up in the hillside. I found a route leading me past villas, small villages and finally big fields with women working patiently. Turning around, I faced the view of Kasese town down on the plains covered in the pale light of the morning mist. Nice.

Invited by our study friends from Kampala, we decided to join the group for a mini vacation. After a day in Bugoye we squeezed into a matatu (14-seat taxi) with 24 other passengers, headed for Katunguru, a small village 40 min south of Kasese. Without us knowing about it, Katunguru was the home town of Sahra (Ugandan student in the UEP course) and she had prepared a big party in honour of our coming! We got beer and delicious fish, there were many many speeches, a girl’s choir singing and finally the whole thing turned in to a fabulous African disco! It was really incredible!

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