fredag 9. oktober 2009

Cupfinals with CDTS:

We got an invitation to attend the Cupfinals between CDTS and Kasese Youth. It was a great opportunity to get to know the guys in the team. These are some of the people we will work with in the design process and later in the building period.

It started somewhat slow, waiting for the other team, waiting for the judge... real African Time. When the match finally started, the team was already a bit unfocused, so Stephen lost his voice yelling to the struggling players.

After some 30 minutes, it all came together, making the first half an exiting time. Second half was not very good for any of the teams. Even though CDTS did a great job in defence, leading to 0-0 in the end, the Kasese Youth unfortunately won on penalty shots.

The guys were discouraged by loosing, but the spirits rose on the way home. It´s an amazing experience driving on the back of a big truck filled with African footballplayers singing and shouting out in the night in languages we barely have heard before.

Some of the guys were easier to get in touch with, and luckily we were well recieved in the group. Ragnhild got sick and had to leave before the end of the game, and for the next 24 hours the guys were asking: "where is Farida?" (Førde - Farida)

We are looking forward to arrange workshops with these guys. Good, motivated kids with high spirits!

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