onsdag 7. oktober 2009


The next day we visited the amazing Queen Elisabeth National Park for a full day of Safari!

We hired a driver and got up at 6am to driver over the savannah. In the afternoon we went on a two hour boat trip on the channel connecting the two lakes George and Albert.

In addition to seeing "normal" animals like antilopes, water bucks, hyenas, warthogs and many more, Ragnhild almost got throttled by a hippo we had named Elisabeth.

(Ragnhild: This was actually not fun at all and quite scary, but since we're all still well alive it's fun to tell people about)

Our guide spotted lions, even a big male jogging across the savannah, and on the way home we finally got close to some really cute elephants!

Two wonderful, extremely touristy days! Then it´s back to work.

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