onsdag 21. oktober 2009

Session 2: Measuring the Field

Wednesday we gathered the core group to make measurements of the field. We provided pens and paper, and asked four groups to measure each side of the main pitch and noting all important features. The task was quite simple, but we had to press for more detailed measurements before we finished.

When the groups finished their task, we collected all the numbers and information on one big sheet of paper. Each group added their findings, and irregualrities between the different groups were discussed and clarified. Some of the group felt it would have been better to have one person in charge of collecting the numbers, but we think it´s good that all participants were active in the process of making a map together.

While the last lines were added to the map, Ragnhild took some of the group to discuss and measure sizes of the body and how this relates to heights of roofs, benches and other structures needed for the stadium. This was also collected, and when all the work was done, we gathered everybody to sum up the measuring and inform everyone on the different issues discussed.

Food was brought by Mama Juliet which was a nice break in the work. She makes the best food in Ibanda, rivaling the cooking of our favourite cook, mr. Ken down in Bugoye.


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