onsdag 20. januar 2010

Flooring song

Today was ment to be our last day at the site. Because of illness, we all have come to an agreement that we will continue for two more days.

This morning it rained cats and dogs…or should we say goats and cows? lol. And since this was suppose to bee the dryseason (!?), rainwear was not on the packinglist. We should probably have known better in this time of climate crises! Anyways it resulted in staying in bed for two more hours. We did not complain… Ten days of hard work makes your body ache. But suddenly the sun appeared, and we were all good to go for a new exiting day at the site.

Unfortunately we had to tear down parts of yesterday's brick wall. The heat turns the bricks too dry bricks making them suck water out of the mortar, which then in turn gets practically useless and glueless. So we had to do it all over again. It really takes a lot of time building brick walls in Uganda!

Today we finished the concrete floors in both of the dressing rooms. This was hard work, but fortunately two native boys, Clinton and Joseph, were helping us. The boys started singing improvised African songs about the work - making it all into pure joy. They also taught us how to count to three in their local language Lukonzo. (We would not be able to write it!) Clinton and Joseph have from now on the status of being Ugandan Masters of Concrete!

(A little help from the editor on the numbers: 1 – ngoma, 2 – ibiri, 3 – isato)

Even though it rained several times during the day we managed to do a whole lot of work like finishing the VIP-flooring and putting up the roof on the last dressing room. Well done!

Suddenly the sun sets and another eventful day in Ibanda has come to an end…
Thank you Ibanda!

Love Jenny & Hanne

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