fredag 15. januar 2010

Good atmosphere

Early in the morning the cockcrows, goats, trucks, children or alarm clock woke us as usual. It was a good atmosphere in the Norwegian camp this morning, almost everyone felt healthy and ready for work.
Through the day we completed casting the foundation for walls and columns in the first dressing room.

The VIP-tribune-gang, who had been plagued with illness for a while, could finally start building the great truss that would span 6m. They had pondered and thought about the construction over the past days when they were ill and at home. Unfortunately the wood materials were not as straight or long as in their drawings. This is one of the charming differences between Norway and Uganda materials.

Today's big challenge in the referee room was how to attach the wood beam to concrete pipe in a simple manner without much additional construction. (After some discussion, the solution was to connect beam with a big nail, which actually worked out very well.)

Ragnhild and Steven, who constantly are getting stuff to the building site, were getting wooden materials this day. They had found a good solution to tightening all the materials to the back of the truck. Unexpectedly it did not work out that well; in the steep hills all the wooden materials suddenly disappeared……

After a modified solution (and some extra work) they were good to go.

After a long day of work we celebrated Ragnhild’s birthday with cake, champagne and gifts. The CDTS boys made a T-shirt with greetings from everyone participating in the workshop. After singing the birthday song in 4 languages and eating a lot of cake, we went out to the local pub. This was followed by the local discotheque which originally were closed, but opened in honour of all the guests.

And everything ended up being Super Cool or SAWA!

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