tirsdag 12. januar 2010


Some crazy bacterias has been sneaking their way into our camp, knocking out at least four of our group members! The disease seems to be extremely unpleasant, and it also seems like more people are joining the circle of the running rumps as we speak. Not exactly awesomeness- but the rest of the team are hard core bad asses (or good asses), so we are rockin’ the building site despite the germ attack.

The different groups startet a bit rocky, figuring out the measurements and plans of our building components. This resulted in the digging not starting until mid day, in gasping heat- which struck out even more builders, sunburnt and some dehydrated. But then we realised mommy was not present, so we began to drink, taking breaks, and working on shifts. The CDTS boys were really eager to both learn and dig, and were doing a wonderful job. We should try to include them more in our work, and be more instructive so we can leave them with both a stadium and the knowledge to extend it if needed.

Other minor funny stuff that happened during the day:

Per and Tuva were ambushed by a pig in the backyard in the evening
Alex learned the concept of water and how to use it, and also that it can be useful in terms of not passing out (while sitting down)
We are as dirty as ever before, our feet will never be clean again (and we like it)
We are looking forward to dirtying the sicko’s up in the murram soil on the site
Rune was swimming in his own sweat today
We are planning to make a music video
Joseph is sooo cool with his cowboy hat- and is looking a bit like Snoop Dog!

The progress from now will both depend on what’s up in the butt, and if we can organize ourselves and the CTDS boys’ work well, so we’ll have good and efficient days from now. We’ve also put together a master plan to kill the gunners in the gut, with dividing of toilets and extensive hand washing rules. Spirits are good, people are wonderful- WE LOVE AFRICA!


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