onsdag 6. januar 2010

Our Ugandan Sponsor

After a good night sleep, both exhausted from the long journey, we walked in to Kampala city centre to meet Lawrence Omulen in Newplan. He was the workshop’s first sponsor, donating 2 million Ugandan shilling to the project. After waiting for a while, he takes us to a man called Hamlet and says: “These two are doing some project in Bugoye. Could you go to the bank and take out 2 million to them?” Hamlet: “Sure! I’ll have the money by 3 pm. Could you come back then?” Us: “No problem. Thanks!”
If the rest of the workshop goes as smoothly, we could build a palace!!

So, now we have been allowed to borrow a desk in the offices of Trønderpower (which are in the very same building), using the opportunity of Ugandan-“fast” internet to get some work done.
Tonight we are expecting 10 of the workshop participants to join us in Bativa Hotel. We are excited to see them in these surroundings and eager to travel to Ibanda to get started. Kampala is a busy town and even though it grew on us at the end of our last visit, it is still not among our favourite cities. So we are leaving for the green Rwenzoris first thing tomorrow morning!

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  1. god tur innover i skogen. husk å legge ut litt bilder underveis da:)