mandag 11. januar 2010

Our room is flooding!!

Today was another warm day. Waking up at 7.30 for boiled eggs and coffee, as well as plenty of different jams and fruits. After breakfast we went down to the building site to continue drawing. As we were sitting there making different suggestions for the building program some kids joined us making their own drawings and impressions of our visit. After getting some drawings ready we started putting out bricks on site to check the different ideas. After lunch everything was stopped by a sudden thunder and rain making it impossible to hear anything or even get some rest. The result was flood at Tuva, Ida, Ingrid, Silje, Kikki, Gøril and Amritha's house. The bright side of this was that we finally could get a good shower. When the rained stopped we summed up todays work and had a great dinner made by Joseph, the referee of the CDTS football team.


(Unfortunately we were too busy saving the girls room from the flooding water, that we totally forgot to preserve this remarkable event on camera. Sorry!)

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