lørdag 9. januar 2010

Uganda is in Africa

Once upon a time there was a group of tourists going to Africa. Suddenly they were there. Or actually, they could not see a thing so they just supposed that they were there because of the humid air. “I cant believe it!” one said. “A month ago I hardly knew that Uganda is in Africa”. Then they drove into the capital of the African country and found a nice hotel room. And guess what, it had both a bed and a toilet! What a nice surprise. For isn’t it like that, that all Africans live in small cabins made of mud, with no food and no widescreen TV? The happy tourists soon realised that that Africa is much more than that. They had chicken and chips, they had small houses and big houses and a lot of people and the people were really nice. The people were even so nice that they answered “yes” whatever the tourists asked about. A bus driver would for example always say that he would pass by their hotel, even if he was not passing by(!).

The new continent was exiting in so many ways. It was even fun for the boys to go shopping! Oh, I have to admit that most of the time it was about staring. The ten white tourists were staring at the black people and thousands black people staring back, most interesting was the white tourists legs. “How are you?” the black people asked, “I am fine, how are you?” the white people answered back and they all got happy as ever before. Besides staring, the tourists also had a more detailed shopping plan for the day; they were all going to buy simcards, they were all going to change money, they were all going to get dressed as Muslims and visit the mosque, Gøril were going to buy toothpaste, Alex were going to buy adapters and Kikki got hungry and Silje got hungry, and suddenly it got dark and the day were over.

The two next days the tourists had to do everything they forgot to do the first day, and even more tourists arrived during these days. The last tourist to arrive was a girl named Hanne. She had white angel hair and was a bit scared about flying. However, it was nothing to be afraid about.

After three long days the tourists said goodbye to the people in the east and travelled to the west, heading for a small village up in the mountains.

The end


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