fredag 8. januar 2010


On our journey towards the village of Ibanda, we have had strong feelings of return. We returned to Bativa hotel in Kampala, to Kamapala city with its smells, sounds and busy people. We returned to Virina Garden with its joyful, singing staff, our old, small hut and their slow dinners. But now, we have returned to Ibanda. It is next to unbelievable for a Norwegian architect student to walk through a small village in the mountains of the moon in the middle of Africa, meeting one friend after the other. Their smiles, greetings and hugs making us feel more welcome than ever before. We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to earn these friendships.

We started the day by a tour through the most well-reputed hard-ware shops in Kasese to get an impression of what is available and make possible good deals. It is noticeable how the Indians turn out to be the best businessmen in town. At least from our point of view. It also became clear that following the advise of our Portuguese and somewhat eccentric friend from Noremco, had been a good idea. He led us to several good places. And suddenly he was there in person! The world becomes smaller and smaller by the day. Fernando gave us a lift up to Bugoye, where we met our friend Mr.Ben – the best chef in Kasese, and got some of his good lunch. Arriving in Ibanda, we were met by a very excited Emze (CK guest house manager) who had prepared 8 rooms for us and our visitors. Wonderful!! We must admit that we were a little bit surprised. Our experiences would not let us believe that everything could be in order, but they really were. Except the lack of flush toilets and power of course, but that only make the African experience more real. We were so pleased that the more emotional one of us actually got a little bit touched by their great concern for our wellbeing.

After settling an extremely good price (thanks to Stephen), we went for this wonderful walk were we met many of our friends, ending up being invited for a little meal. Along with the small pleasures of realizing that goat meat, beans and pocho was not as boring as you remembered, and the great pleasures of handing out photos to our building friends, seeing their almost ecstatic reactions of joy and fun to see them selves on a piece of paper and receiving the picture as a gift. Small pleasures, big hearts.

It’s great to be back.

ps: Happy birthday to my best little brother!

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